Asus AeroActive Cooler 6 for ROG Phone 6 / 6 Pro

Brand: ASUS

Product Code: E0OD1XNDQV

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The AeroActive Cooler 6 is an external accessory for the ROG Phone 6 series. It features a thermoelectric AI cooling system for active temperature control, along with physical gaming buttons. The advanced thermal design lowers the surface temperature near the CPU to prevent in-game lags, and takes your gaming performance to the next level. The four physical buttons give you incredible console-like control, making it easy to activate combos in games! Connect your AeroActive Cooler 6 to your ROG Phone anywhere, anytime, to expand your gaming experience!

The AeroActive Cooler 6 targets cooling airflow directly to hotspots on the back cover of the ROG Phone 6. The result is that it can lower the surface temperature near the CPU by up to a stunning 25°C2. The centrifugal fan dissipates heat by delivering airflow to the fins, speedily lowering the temperature inside the phone. Excessive cooling could create water condensation, so there’s a built-in humidity sensor with a protection mechanism to prevent this from happening.

The Aura RGB lighting on the logo and two sides of the AeroActive Cooler 6 support multi-colored light effects that can change in different situations. The flat bottom of AeroActive Cooler 6 lets you stand the phone at two different angles, and there’s also a hidden kick-stand underneath that flips open for even more stability. Give your hands a rest during loading screens or when you’re watching videos!

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