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Modular Tech: Hit or Hype? Google's Ara project

At the moment, the trend in the gadget world seem to be headed toward modular tech, a term loosely used to describe a product that gives you the option of changing its different parts in order to better suit your needs. However, despite the hype about modular tech and the advantages it brings to the table, we are not exactly sure if this will indeed be what the future of the gadget world holds for us.


That being said, we took a more discerning look at the more noteworthy modular tech projects, the pros they...

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LG confirms Always ON feature for LG G5

LG has always been one of the manufacturers that have no issues when it comes to confirming details about their upcoming devices prior to their unveiling, and this remains true in the case of the LG G5, the manufacturer’s upcoming flagship smartphone.


Last week, the Korean smartphone manufacturer announced to the world that it would unveil its G5 smartphone on February 21 at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The announcement however did not include any particular detail about the upcoming device.

To make up for that, the company recently took...

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What We Learned About 5G in 2015

2015 has seen the people who are going to create 5G in a lot of action even though the technology will not be ready until 2020. 


What is clear is that 5G will be a lot different from 4G in terms of functionality. Unlike 4G, it will not just focus on making phones faster but will be created to serve many purposes with each one having diverse requirements. 2015 was the year of putting all the necessary things in place for this to be achievable. 

As we enter 2016, many discoveries have been made. Progresses have been...

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MWC 2016: what to expect from the world’s biggest mobile tech show

There are only three major events worth anticipating when it comes to big mobile tech announcements – the IFA in Berlin, the CES in Las Vegas, and the MWC in Barcelona. In trade show calendar, the CES will be held before the MWC. And it is from the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event that we will see the announcement of new devices. What should you be expecting from the MWC 2016? 

Before we reveal some of the mobile tech announcement in Mobile World Congress 2016, let’s treat the question: when is the event? 

The event will come up in Barcelona...

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Apple iPhone 5se to come in Pink, in addition to silver and space gray

It seems that the 4-inch Apple iPhone is really going to come into the market according to rumors reaching us. There have been many reports to the point that a March 15 outing of the Apple iPhone 5se is possible, and there might be release of the Apple iPad Air 3 in the same period. 

iphone 5e pink

Since there have been so many sources of reports, it is not easy to see which direction this will eventually end. However, the rumors are strong on the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 5se.

In fact, the phone is debuted...

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