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MWC 2016: what to expect from the world’s biggest mobile tech show

There are only three major events worth anticipating when it comes to big mobile tech announcements – the IFA in Berlin, the CES in Las Vegas, and the MWC in Barcelona. In trade show calendar, the CES will be held before the MWC. And it is from the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event that we will see the announcement of new devices. What should you be expecting from the MWC 2016? 

Before we reveal some of the mobile tech announcement in Mobile World Congress 2016, let’s treat the question: when is the event? 

The event will come up in Barcelona...

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Live images of an alleged Microsoft Lumia 650 XL raise all sorts of questions

The emergence of the alleged images of the Lumia 650 XL has left us confused, officially. Right now, we are in the process of finding out what is exactly happening.

Lumia 650

According to what has reached us before, the Lumia 650 XL is suppose to be a 5-inch smartphone as well as a midrange phone to be released by Microsoft. On the other hand, Microsoft Lumia 850 was supposed to be the higher-end smartphone with a front facing camera.

However, it seems the case is different as the new images that have recently surfaced in China is...

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Vaio has a Windows Phone, and here’s what it looks like

Nowadays, when people talk about smartphones, they often mention Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, or Blackberry phones. It is often hard to find people who are Windows phone diehards. 

Vaio Biz

For those who are still faithful, then the reassurance is that Windows phones aren’t dead yet. In fact, it has just gotten an unlikely manufacturer in the person of Sony. Recently, Sony announced a new Vaio phone in Japan that comes as a ‘Windows phone’. 

In 2014, Sony sold out Vaio as a result of the abysmal performance of the PC line and instead focus on producing premium...

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Microsoft Believed to have Delayed Windows 10 Mobile Roll Out Yet Again

In October 2015, Microsoft made us believed that Windows 10 Mobile will rolled out for older devices. That has not happened. Again, the Washington-based company stated once again that the roll out would begin early in 2016. 

Windows 10

Although there have been a couple or reports that some Windows phones have begin to receive the update. Even a French company career is reported to have stated that the roll out will be this January. The same company seems to have shifted gear by saying the rollout will be next month. 

The Lumia 640 specific to Europe was...

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Why More and More People are Embracing Mid Range Phones?

Why More and More People are Embracing Mid Range Phones

Mid range phone

Unlike before, people have discovered that they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a smartphone that can run the latest apps and has great user experience. There are now mid range phones that can give you so much as good performance, and they are cheaper. 

A few years ago, if you buy a mid range phone, you will discover that the phones performance is nothing short of poor. The CPU may lag behind the interface while simple actions like scrolling webpages may take...

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