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New Sportier look of Huawei Watch 2 before MWC launch

We have a short new updates (leaked) before MWC starts. Huawei will be showing the Huawei Watch2, codenamed Leo and retailing as the Watch 2, poised for unveiling.

huawei watch 2

The Watch 2 is an Android Wear 2.0-powered timepiece with what was described as a “sportier” look and cellular capabilities, as you can see in the image, fitted with slot for a nanoSIM card

watch 2 huawei

The Watch 2, seen here in black, orange, and a speckled gray likened to HTC Desire models, will be officially introduced at an event on Sunday (February...

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The Apple Watch 2: Things that we know so far

The Apple Watch 2: Things that we know so far.

New Apple Watch 2 release date rumors hint at a September launch with the iPhone 7, and fresh leaks point to a thinner screen, fatter price and longer battery life.

A faster processor and a higher capacity battery will feature on the Apple Watch 2, along with the addition of a GPS radio (for tracking runs) and a barometer  (to measure elevation climbed). Apple Health, and associated running and exercise apps, will benefit from GPS, but it will reduce battery life while in use. Continuing, the Apple Watch 2 may...

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Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Not much is known about the smartwatch, but rumors suggest that it will come with an integrated GPS, altimeter, barometer, and speedometer. The latest version of Samsung’s Tizen-based smartwatch will succeed the Gear S2.

Reportedly in development under the codename 'Solis', the Gear S3 is also set to retain its predecessor's round form, although it won't be exactly the same. It's been suggested that the Gear S3 might take a small step up on its predecessor's 1.2-inch sAMOLED panel in order to make the touch controls a little easier to poke and prod. An exact size...

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Samsung unveiled fitness wearables: Gear Fit2 and Icon X

Samsung just announced a set of earphones that can track speed, distance run, calorie burn, and heart rate.

Samsung fitness

The Gear Fit2 fitness tracker

This Gear Fit2 could performance important function without being paired with a smartphone – this is the major difference between this version and the previous version.

The Gear Fit2 allows you to play tunes through a pair of headphones, thanks to the music player built directly onboard the 2nd generation fitness tracker. 

You can load up the 4GB of onboard storage from a paired smartphone and all your music files can...

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Best Wearables of MWC 2016

There are a lot of wearables going around the MWC, let us go bring you through the list:

Samsung Gear 360

Leading the VR story, Samsung announced a superb $99 Oculus powered Samsung Gear VR headset, and now it's offering users the chance to make content to watch on their headsets. The Samsung Gear 360 camera records 360 footage as the name suggest, for play back on your headset. It will be compatible to be shared to YouTube 360 and Facebook too! Now all your family and friends will get to watch them as well, without personal VR headsets. 


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