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SM-G9298 or W2018 flip phone surfaced in Samsung site

Samsung has been almost the only fan of the clamshell phones. They have a continuing line Galaxy folder, W series. Recently, there have been more news of sucessor to the G9098 and G9198, logically named the G9298 and rumoured to be W2018.(successor to W2017)


The model has showed up on TENAA, as well as >the FCC and the Wi-Fi Alliance and now even the Official user manual is also now up on Samsung's Chinese website.

The series has climbed up spec tables since starting from Folder, now quite safely positioned as a mid to mid high phone....

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Galaxy Note 7 relaunched as Galaxy Note Fan Edition in Korea

Samsung has relaunched the Note 7 in Korea under the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition. The Fan editionl is made from parts of the original Note 7 which suffered from battery problems.

Note 7 fan edition

It is essentially the same device with a smaller 3200mAh battery to solve the battery explosion problem in Note7 (3500mAh). This time, Samsung have applied the 8-point battery safety test started with the Galaxy S8 to ensure no future incidents happening. In addtion, the Fan Edition also comes with the same new software loaded on S8 and S8+, including with Bixby. Other than...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition launched in China

Galaxy S8 pirates

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition is officially confirmed and has now launched for customers in China. 

As the photos show, the special edition handset includes a fancy pirate-themed ‘treasure’ box, a removable case with a skull on the back, a special phone ring holder and a PotC theme pre-installed.

Galaxy S8 Pirates

Galaxy S8 Pirates

Unlike previous special Batman/Ironman editions, the phone itself is an ordinary Galaxy S8 handset, and the design isn’t applied to the handset itself. This appeals to people who might not...

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Samsung announces first Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in US, first to come with Snapdragon 835

Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display, while the larger S8+ will come in at 6.2-inches. Both phones have edge-to-edge curved displays, something Samsung refers to as "infinity display."

s8 plus

Samsung will be the first to launch the Snapdragon 835 phone on the market. The 835 uses a newer 10nm manufacturing process with more powerful Kryo 280 custom CPU cores. This is an octa-core chip, whereas the 821 is quad-core. The 835 runs 2.35 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHZ Quad. However, we understand that that...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 - leaked images of coming model from Samsung

The highly anticipated Samsung S8 is coming about with many speculation, rumours and concept images. However, we may finally be seeing a glimpse of the Galaxy S8 through the officail source.

Samsung's display-making arm, Samsung Display, may have accidentally revealed the design of the Galaxy S8 – on its official YouTube account.

Samsung display launched a series of videos promoting its new AMOLED displays, in it we managed to catch a featured smartphone with svelte bezels and no physical Home Button. 

After years of tradtional home button, Samsung looks like they will finally ditch it in place...

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