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5 best budget smartphones in 2015

5 best budget smartphones

Who says expensive flagship phones have to be an immediate need? They are joy to the eye and give a great usage experience. But there are so many cases when you are more than satisfied with a very well done budget model: a new phone for a kid who tends to break them every now and then, a second phone for some specific purposes, and many others. It’s quite easy to choose a spectacular flagman with the cash at hand. But when the budget is tight, you want to have a good comparison choice as well....

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7 Best smartphone Cameras of 2015

7 Best - We show them to you one by one

What are you usually looking for in a smartphone when deciding what your next choice should be? It varies depending on the way you tend to use a gadget of course. Some pay particular attention to screen size and resolution, some care a lot for battery life and design/materials, others choose a new gadget according to its camera functions and settings.

To be honest, a good camera in a smartphone really is in the top priority list.

Here’s our research with 7 top smartphone cameras:

iPhone 6 Plus


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