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HTC's 'U Ultra' flagship phone

Enter the HTC U family.

Arriving significantly earlier than previous HTC flagships, the HTC U family has two different models, the high-end U Ultra and the mid-range HTC U Play. In this post we’ll be focusing on the former. Let have a look on this new HTC “U Ultra”.


While it would have been nice to see the HTC U Ultra launch with the brand new Snapdragon 835, the phone still rocks pretty solid specs including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM, and either 64 or 128GB storage, as well as microSD expansion up to...

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Top 10 Reasons why the HTC 10 can be your best smartphone


With the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, and HTC 10 getting released this year, users of Android smartphones get to have a lot of excellent choices in terms of their preferred mobile device. Not only that, current iPhone users should also take into consideration one of these devices as they not only come with the latest and greatest technology, they have cameras that are even better than that of the iPhone 6s.

As for the HTC 10, the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is expected to start shipping in the next couple of...

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Flagship Wars: HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

If you are interested in high-end smartphones, you already know that Korean electronics giant Samsung has already released its Galaxy S7 flagship. Its newest flagship smartphone has already brought much success to the company, but another flagship device looms in the horizon and is about to challenge the superiority of the Galaxy S7.

HTC is back in the game and this time, a serious fight for superiority of the high-end market is epected to ensue. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is looking to take the world by storm by righting the wrongs of its previous flagship, the One M9, and hopes...

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HTC's announced one more smartphone: The One S9 Android smartphone

After having successfully launched the HTC 10. HTC is releasing another and it gets to keep the ONE – its called HTC One S9.

HTC one S9

The HTC One S9 is positioned as a mid range Android phone but in terms of price, its reported to be listed at €499 and that seems bit higher than it should for a mid range. The One S9 might only be available online and primarily designed for the European market. We are not sure if it will see a worldwide release at this moment.

Its almost impossible to tell the S9...

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HTC 10 announced: A modern phone built on a familiar winning design

HTC announced its flagship for 2016, HTC 10. The design of the new flagship is not different from the design of last year’s model, M9, as well as that of the M series. According to the company, 12 months have been spent in the designing and engineering of the newest flagship. The company also stated that customer feedback have been integrated all through the development process. Notably, the camera department is supposed to have received the biggest attention after disappointing in previous models.

HTC 10 1


This flagship has everything you could hope for in an Android smartphone...

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